Our Team

Peter Hoffmann
Managing Partner

After 30 years of accumulated experience in the Plastic Film Industry from biaxial oriented film to converting/web handling, I decided to continue providing services to my clientele in North America with any BO Plastic Film production logistic, product related and investment challenges they may have. My goal is to support them by supplying experts as needed and assist in networking for market research and investment decisions for existing BO film lines as well as new/preowned lines. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your projects with us.


Carsten Franke
Lead Engineering Specialist

Carsten Franke, Dipl.-Chem., has spent over 20 years in a range of research, plastic film development and film manufacturing technology positions at a large Minnesotan technology company. He has lead cross functional teams that specified, designed and installed multiple oriented film lines for the BOPP and BOPET production, from single layer lines, up to several hundred layer optical film lines. As a Six Sigma Black Belt he lead projects to improve productivity and quality by dramatically reducing defects. Carsten has worked with many major machine builders in the industry.

Contact Information:

Email: peter.hoffmann@plasticfilmexpert.com

Phone: +1-864-901-2089

Contact Information:

Email: carsten.franke@plasticfilmexpert.com

Phone: +1-651-253-6877